ORG: Project Narrative (LOI extract)

How do you define a space made of transitions? This is a variant on the themes of doors to nowhere and displaced doorways. Fourteen oversized doors (seven pairs) swing freely and orbit each other. Each side is painted with nearly-conflicting messages of dichotomies and dualities.


Passive physical interaction: Wander through a fluctuating space with very few fully fixed elements. There are no rooms other than what is suggested by the implied location of the doors. The doors are big. Do you feel small?

Active physical interaction: Swing the doors around their axes, orient the pole of the orbiting door.

Psychological interaction: The Forest of Decisions is constructed to land in a space between oracle and self-exploration. Each door has multiple aspects that change based on how a visitor approaches and what the lighting conditions are. The symbols are chosen to raise questions about the false premise of duality and highlight the benefit of additional perspectives.


I am aiming to create a large-scale meditation on the decision-making process and provide visitors a sense of wonder, a toy for mental wandering, and a tool for processing their experiences on the playa. The ability to move and reposition the doors provides a sense of agency even when situations tower over us.


Doors and doorways are often used to symbolize decisions and turning points, but in truth our decisions are usually fluid, non-binary, and can often be unmade. While each door in this piece has two sides, and each mural has two messages, the environment in which they are experienced is more complicated. These doors don’t go to linear places, the decisions they offer are context-dependent, and generally just lead to more questions.

The list of messages for this piece is still in progress (a total of 56 ideas will be expressed), but will break away from typical dualisms to examine concepts and forces that exist together and act on each other but are neither synonyms or opposites, such as humility and anger, love and fear, beginning and hesitating, patience and chaos.