Big Ideas on Small Equipment

Brad said something along those lines today and it sounded spot-on for a Burning Man project.

The work we did today very much pushed up against the limits of what can be done in a home shop and clarified some constraints that might translate into design constraints.

Other constraints that were clarified today: TIME. Is six months a lot? A little? Who knows? I put together a stater project timeline to go along with my starter budget, and now that I’m getting quotes on actual material prices, I’m wondering if putting forward my budget at a reasonable price is going to scare off “investors” when I know I can do it cheaper, but not by how much.

Especially since I’m not sure I’ll be able to find build space in my budget. Not off the shelf, anyway. I haven’t tried tapping my local network, and if that’s a bust, it makes it more likely I’ll be looking for opportunities to take this to the Bay.

deep breaths

Also, I did a paint test back on Thursday that went super well. I have some video, timelapse, and stills of that to share. Sadly, as I create words on my computer and photos on my phone, there’s no streamlined way to get fresh content from both in the same post. Unless I save this as a draft and finalize it all in the app.


I am cold and ready for bed.

I have drawn nothing but diagrams today. :\