ORG: Initial Thoughts For Grant App

I was informed about passing to round 2 of the application process, then I went to Tahoe for three days, and now I’m back and it’s time to dig in.

I did a lot of hand-waving about the engineering of this sculpture, despite building both physical and digital models (see the video below) for phase 1.

Project Narrative

This section is carried forward from the first round, and can be seen in the post before this one.

Safety & Engineering

I believe that the base design will be innately difficult to climb/ride. The tops of the doors will be 10-11 feet off the ground, and there won’t be a lot to hold on to or step on below that. Still, I do want the doors to each be able to support an extra 200# on their outside edges.

With a wood-and-rigid-foam construction (to be tested… soon?), each door will weigh ~180#. This might increase with trim/relief texture. Knob weight expected to be negligible.

Big Engineering Questions (BEQs) in next post.

Lighting plan

Lighting is one of the big effects! Also something I’d like to test before submitting the full proposal.

My initial plan involved buying LED shop lights and tinted acrylic (or gels), but one of my climbing buddies works as a lighting engineer and designer, and he brought up renting concert lighting might be an affordable option. Cool? (How) would that impact post-playa installs?

Placement Outside BRC?

The idea of taking FoD to other events touches on BEQ #4: how to support the pieces. Does the center pole sink into the ground (how much?), or is there a flat plate supporting it?


The good news is I’ve considered basically everything listed in the budget template, the bad news is some of my answers were baseless guesswork.


Other bad news, I don’t know what I’m worth on the crowdfunding market, but I suspect it’s not the handful of thousands I’d need. What to do if I can’t achieve full funding is the kind of worry that has the potential to keep me up at night.

Build Location

?? I’d be comfortable relocating for pre-build, and think I’d be okay for crew in the Bay, less so in Reno.


Interested hands are easy to find, but reliable? I don’t expect anything to be difficult on a technical level, but lots of moving heavy things, and lots of painting.

Project Timeline

Mural painting will be the most time consuming part of the process. I feel creatively possessive of this part, but I’m sure that once I have the designs ready, I’ll be happier to delegate/share. This is also the last step, so I’d need to determine a reasonable number of hours-per-mural and work backward from there.