VIZ: Mural Content

Seven units, fourteen doors, twenty eight sides, fifty-six images.

I haven’t decided on a philosophy or theme for this part yet. I have some ideas for tone and function, but maybe too many ideas. Which ones will I be able to pull enough content from? Which will most properly express my intent (even to myself)?

Is it important to have full consistency through the entire piece, or can it be a mix of applications of the theme? Do I want the front and back of a door to be thematically linked? Do I want each unit to be thematically cohesive? Do I want a particular word or element (ie: anger) to show up in every unit? Do I want the central unit to be special?' When I’m working with feelings, how do I want to depict them? How literal/obvious do I want to be? How much do I want to use text?

I may end up having to make 6 different versions of the whole set and pick one of them. Or start out with that intent and say “good enough” after one. ':P

I want each panel to fit the message “not quite (not) opposites”.

An excerpt from the Notes file about this on my phone:

slow pace/regressive
too soon/never
too late/too much