META: Rising concern

Mostly because it’s the worry I woke up with.

First thing today, I was thinking about wind storms.

No matter how frictionless the junction between the orbit door and its track is, it will still be bearing the brunt of the weight, so the unit will act top heavy.

Powerful winds pushing on Jupiter will threaten to topple it, torquing the bridge. I may be thinking too rigidly (thanks to flat diagrams), but until i started writing this out, the thought was really stressful. Remembering that the door will rotate, not be a fixed wind-catcher helps.

Winds will play into the construction of the base, too. Surface level spokes will be easier to put up, (and allow off-playa display) but offer less stability.

I wonder if the tracks will be modular, or if I can make extra bases for dry land display. One for pre-playa testing, of course, but more for, say, decompression. Mmmm

Also: See that reference to Jupiter? I’ve started naming parts of the sculpture after things in the solar system (but don’t see how to add images on mobile). I’ve tried to use logical terminology in my descriptions, but this is more like having shorthand names for BEQs, except BEQs sometimes involve the interaction between bodies.

Still disappointed I can’t upload photos from the app.

Edited to add MEQ#1: how to add mild (2” max?) durable texture to the surface of the doors. Without too much weight