PROCESS & Policies

  • Fill out the contact form on the Onesie of a Kind page, and I'll respond within 24 hours with confirmation and request for deposit

  • When your deposit is paid, you join the queue!

  • I get home from Burning Man, send you a survey.

  • You fill out survey (design details, measurements), I get in touch with any clarifications

  • Time passes, I do a bunch of work

  • Status reports go out Sept 16, Sept 30, and Mondays in October.

  • Before Halloween, I send photos of your finished onesie plus an invoice for the balance due + shipping

  • Final invoice must be paid within 30 days (I reserve the right to modify and sell unclaimed onesies)

  • Finished onesie ships!

  • You get it and are super happy and send me photos and a testimonial and tell all your friends how great it is to work with me. :D


A partial list

Sketch Approval ($40 + time)
Fabric Color Approval ($15 + time)
Specialty Fabric Approval ($40 + time)
Double-Time Hurry Rush Express ($60, ships within a week)
Overnight Shipping ($25)
Replace Snaps With Buttons ($20)
Butt Flap ($20)
Hotspot Panels ($30)
Matching Booties/Mittens/Hat ($varies)

Mention any other special request in the inquiry form
and I'll work with you to figure how much it will cost!

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